Shown below are the original design drawings by Chris Rock, in-progress photos of the panels from July 2018 for the 12 story panels (1-12), and photos of all 15 completed panels.

Panel 0

Introductory panel - This panel introduces the main characters: Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada, and Tostig Godwinson. You can follow them through the story panels, as they are always stitched in the same colours.

Completed Panel 0

Panel 1

Tostig and Hardrada enter York; victorious after the Battle of Fulford. The citizens of York submit and agree to exchange hostages in 5 days at Stamford Bridge. Messengers tell King Harold Godwinson of the Viking invasion to the north; word is sent out to gather the English army.

Design of Panel 1

In-progress Panel 1

Completed Panel 1

Panel 2

The English army sets out from the south to march north. Men and provisions are gathered as they make their way on the Old North Road. Harold Godwinson is told of the defeat of the English armies of Morcar and Edwin and the fall of York to the invaders.

Design of Panel 2

In-progress Panel 2

Completed Panel 2

Panel 3

At Riccall the Vikings tend their wounded and enjoy their victory; not knowing another English army is coming. The English arrive at Tadcaster on Sunday the 24th of September and make camp. King Harold Godwinson goes to York; he is told about the hostage exchange the next day at Stamford Bridge.

Design of Panel 3

In-progress Panel 3

Completed Panel 3

Panel 4

The 25th of September is a hot day; the Vikings march out early for Stamford Bridge but only take light armour and 2/3 of their army. The English army also leaves camp early; they march directly through York to Stamford Bridge still undetected by the invaders...

Design of Panel 4

In-progress Panel 4

Completed Panel 4

Panel 5

Tostig and Hardrada's men arrive first at Stamford Bridge. Expecting no trouble, the Vikings relax and wait for the York hostages to arrive. They then see a cloud of dust on the horizon; soon they hear trumpets and see the shiny glint of metal in the bright sun.

Design of Panel 5

In-progress Panel 5

Completed Panel 5

Panel 6

Suddenly the English army appears; they bear down on the surprised Vikings and begin to attack them. Tostig tells Hardrada it is King Harold Godwinson; Hardrada decides to hold ground and sends riders back to the Riccall camp for more men.

Design of Panel 6

In-progress Panel 6

Completed Panel 6

Panel 7

The English army attacks the Vikings on the west bank so they can cross the bridge to the main Viking army. A brave Viking berserker holds back the English on the bridge; he kills many but is then brogged by an Englishman from under the bridge.

Design of Panel 7

In-progress Panel 7

Completed Panel 7

Panel 8

Now at last the English swarm across the river to the east bank. King Harold Godwinson offers parley; he will restore Tostig his lands and earldom back if he surrenders, but Godwinson will only give 6 feet of English soil to Hardrada. The offer is refused...

Design of Panel 8

In-progress Panel 8

Completed Panel 8

Panel 9

The English army attacks the Vikings again and again up the steep slope, but the shield wall on the high ground stands firm against the English onslaught. Hardrada tries to close a gap in the shield wall, but a lucky English arrow strikes him a death blow to the throat.

Design of Panel 9

In-progress Panel 9

Completed Panel 9

Panel 10

Tostig picks up Hardrada's banner and rallies the shocked Vikings; revitalised the Vikings continue to fight on. At last the extra men from Riccall arrive, but having run all the way they are too tired to make much difference.

Design of Panel 10

In-progress Panel 10

Completed Panel 10

Panel 11

Finally the English army breaks the shield wall wide open. The traitor Tostig is eventually caught and slain by the English soldiers. Defeated and leaderless the Vikings are chased off the battlefield and all the way back to their ships at Riccall.

Design of Panel 11

In-progress Panel 11

Completed Panel 11

Panel 12

King Harold lets the survivors return home in just 24 ships; they promise never to return. Godwinson and his men celebrate their great victory at Stamford Bridge in York, but riders arrive from London; a Norman army has landed in Pevensey...

Design of Panel 12

In-progress Panel 12

Completed Panel 12

Panel 13

Stitchers’ panel - Every stitcher who worked on the panels chose a symbol to represent her, and these were worked in the lower borders, alongside our names in runes. On this panel, every symbol is brought together, with our names in English, alongside images of Tom Wyles (the originator of the whole project) and Chris Rock (the designer).

Completed Panel 13

Panel 14

Sponsors' panel - To help finance the tapestry, we asked the public to sponsor six inch (15cm) squares of every story panel for £10 each. In return, they received a certificate, a photo, and their name on this panel.

There are other people and organisations who kindly donated money, outside of our sponsorship scheme, and they are all listed in the upcoming book about the tapestry. We are very grateful to everyone who gave us financial help, because we could not have managed to finance the project on our own.

Completed Panel 14

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